Automatically reduce your energy bills.

We continually analyse your bills to make sure you are always on the best deal.

the problem

You are paying too much for your energy.

The average plan costs 30% extra.

Unless you are always on the best available plan, you are paying too much.

The problem is that the best plan changes every month.

New plans are released every month.

In the last 3 months 3,157 new plans were released.

To stay on the best plan, you need to review and negotiate your plan every month.

Who has time for that?

our solution

We do all the hard work for you.

We understand your energy needs.

We analyse your energy usage and your unique household features to create a personalised energy profile that accurately forecasts your future energy consumption.


We match you to the best deal.

Our team of experts research every energy offer in the market, and match your unique energy profile to the deal that will save you the most money.

We review your plan every week.

Energy plans and prices are always changing. So, every week we update your energy profile and check that you are still on the best deal for you. The moment we identify a better deal, we make sure you get it.


Fair and transparent pricing.

Our members save an average of $367 per year.

We are an independent recommendation service so we never accept commissions from energy companies.

Our members pay us a monthly fee of $6 to automatically manage their gas and electricity bills.

On average we save our members $367 per year. That's 5 times our fees!

Plus we offer a risk free savings guarantee: save at least $300, or it's free.

Our commitment

We work for consumers,
not energy companies.

100% independent and unbiased. We are totally focused on the needs of consumers.

We consider all products in the market.

We never accept commissions.

We never sell or share your information.

Discover a smarter way to manage your energy bills.

It's FREE to try, and takes less than 2 minutes to get started.